Fashion Tips: How to Adopt a Boho Style

boho style

The boho culture and style history is much longer than some of us imagine.

The boho style is linked to the hippie movement in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s. Both adopt nature-related clothes and lifestyles, very characteristic of the boho way of living.

Although the hippies have played an enormous role in shaping the bohemian fashion of today, this culture dates back to France, during the French Revolution in the 18th century. During that time, artists who lived in poverty had a nomadic lifestyle and use old clothes. Later, they adopted this style as a form of artistic expression.

The creativity of an artist was connected to his effortless fashion and free-spirited living. In the 19th century, the aesthetic movement linked the bohemians and their carefree style to the principles against materialism. Loose-fitting clothes and artifacts from different cultures turned them into examples of detachment. 

Later came the designers who adopted ethnic prints to their interior designs, shaping the boho style we know today. 

So, how does one adopt the bohemian fashion today? Here are some elements that are essential for boho-style clothes and look. 

Earthy Tones 

The boho style is known for its color pallet. Since bohemians are nature lovers, you should opt for more earthy tones when shopping for boho-style clothes. 

Avoid colors that are too bright, neon, or artificial. Instead, choose more natural and warm tones (including some cold hues to your wardrobe for some contrast). Try to create a neutral base for your look with nude, white, or brown elements. Then, throw a garment with a stronger color for that typical bohemian contrast. 

These warm tones of clothing are perfect for summer climates as they blend well with the environment and are easy to style on any occasion. 

Mix of Prints

The boho style is known for having lots of different prints, fabrics, and textures in a single outfit, and that’s because the bohemian lifestyle is correlated to the traveler, nomadic way of life. 

When building your boho wardrobe, buy statement pieces that contrast with one another. At the same time, they should complement the look as a whole. When creating a look, these statement pieces will also be that differential aspect you add to your neutral color base. 

Typical boho prints are floral, tribal, folk, ikat, and tie-dye. The most popular boho fabrics and textures to look for are lace, crochet, velvet, denim, suede, and leather. 

Again, for the ideal bohemian wardrobe, a healthy mix of these patterns and fabrics is perfect, but you can always stick to the ones that feel most comfortable to you and with which you identify the most. For the summer, crochet and lace clothes are better than suede and leather, which tend to be warmer, for example. 

Long, Loose Clothing

This is one of the main aspects that make up boho-style clothes. Bohemians live pretty comfortable and carefree lifestyles, which is reflected in their choice of clothing, which tends to be loose-fitting and comfortable. 

One essential boho piece on your wardrobe is a maxi dress (or many maxi dresses, because the more, the merrier), along with different maxi skirts. Oversized graphic t-shirts can be used as dresses with vintage cowboy boots. 

Bohemians also love to layer different pieces of clothes on top of one another, ideal for those evenings at the beach when the temperature drops. Because of that, it is good to invest in some printed cardigans, cover-ups, and kimonos as well, which will keep you cozy and stylish at the same time. 

Lots of Accessories

Bohemians are known for being accessorized individuals. This is because they would travel the world and collect different artifacts from the places they visited. 

In the boho style, some specific accessories are essential! Long necklaces, many different bracelets, and rings made with big stones are strong marks and add-ons to your wardrobe. 

The jewelry used by bohemians is usually golden or silver, resembling artifacts from different lands, like Indian and Moroccan styles. They are a rich complement to neutral clothing basements, and sometimes they can serve as the wow element on your outfit all on their own. 

Also, leather bags with long braids and statement hats are a significant element in bohemian fashion. The shoes are comfy and complement the earthy tones from the clothes they pair with. 

Braided Hairstyles

The boho style goes beyond your wardrobe and the clothes you wear. Your hairstyle is also an essential complement to your fashion style, and the bohemians are well aware of that.

The typical boho hair follows the idea of a free-spirited lifestyle: long and natural. Bohemians don’t usually use lots of hair products and prefer a more natural, carefree look. Because of that, it is common to see different braids and messy bunds when searching for boho hairstyles. 

Bohemians love to braid their hair in many different ways, with french braids and fishtail braids being some of the most popular ones. On top of that, you can style your hair with flowers and headbands, giving it an extra touch and personality. 

Take Advantage of Boho Style Today

The boho style has been growing in popularity, and the comfortable clothes and effortless beauty that it transmits have been adopted by many fashionistas around the globe.

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