How to Create a Beach Boho Wardrobe

woman at the beach

Beach boho styles are popular in the summers, but did you know they used to be the staple of 60s and 70s fashion? The loose and flowy designs were popular summer choices back then. Those same aspects made boho come back into fashion in the 2000s and have helped them stay in style. 

Boho-style clothes are light, airy fabrics that help you stay cool in the sun! These beachy pieces of clothing usually have some pretty patterns on them. From subtle embroidery to bright florals and stripes, you’ll be able to find something that works for you!

With summer approaching, you might be looking to spice up your wardrobe with some boho clothes, but where to start? What pieces do you need? This article will help you figure out how to build the coastal boho wardrobe you need to stay stylish in the sun!

Boho Beach Dresses

Beach dresses are a classic piece of summer clothing. Use them as coverups at the beach, or wear them on their own on a day out to give off a summery vibe. 

Boho beach dresses are a fantastic choice if you’re going for a flowy and loose look. They have all the comfort of any beach dress with all the boho style.

If you’re hoping for a swimsuit coverup, a mini dress will work great for you. However, if you’re looking for a dress to wear out and about on a hot day, you might want to go for a midi dress. These dresses are a bit more modest while still flowy and flattering, perfect for walking around town.

Beach Boho Swimsuits

 If boho fashion is flowy, layered clothing, what makes a swimsuit boho? The same concepts for dresses and other clothes also apply to bathing suits. You’ll find flowing designs that look loose without losing the support and coverage of a regular bathing suit. 

You can find Boho bathing suits in both two-piece and one-piece, each with unique and beautiful designs. Florals, stripes, and polka-dots are common patterns on boho bathing suits, adding to the natural vibe boho clothing gives off! If you go to the beach often and want to feel your best, you’re bound to feel confident in these bathing suits.

Boho Rompers

Rompers have been trendy for several years, and for a good reason. They’re flowy, loose, and fun, like dresses without the hassle of skirts. Rompers are a great solution if you prefer the feeling of pants while walking around but want the look of a dress. 

Costal boho-style rompers are loose, flowy, and bright, perfect for a day at the beach or walking around the city. They’re comfortable, cute, and can be a great confidence boost! Rompers are excellent choices for covering up while staying cool on the sand if you’re going to the beach to relax. 

What Are the Staple Pieces In A Boho Wardrobe?

The best statement pieces to put in your beach boho lineup are dresses of all different cuts and some rompers. If you go out to the beach or the pool a lot, adding a swimsuit would also do you good!

Boho fashion is a fun and attractive fashion choice for anyone, especially if you live in a hot place. It’s appropriate for any age group and is sure to make you feel beautiful!

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