The Latest Beachwear Fashion Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022

beachwear fashion

A warm breeze carries the salty smell of the ocean, as you stretch out on your towel. Shielding your eyes from the sun, you take in the stunning aquamarines and bold blues of the ocean. This is what you’ve been waiting for.

Summer is upon us and that means it’s beach time.

As most of us have been cooped up in our houses in quarantine we’re ready to hit the beach harder than ever. But all that time indoors might have left you adrift when it comes to the latest trends in beachwear fashion. Don’t get your bikini bottoms in a knot, because we’ve got all the beach trends you need for 2022.

Boho Is Best

Bohemian apparel sprung from the fun-loving freedom of ’60s and ’70s fashion. Since then it has come to represent a genre of feminine sound (think Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush) and established itself as a staple of fashion.

The early 2000s are making a big fashion comeback and your boho style icons of yesteryear are returning as a fresh source of inspiration.

This timeless trend is all about fun, freedom, flow, and flowers. It’s basically made for the beach. When it comes to beachwear trends in 2021, boho style underpins every look.  

We’ve put together a few boho trends below for different summer activities. Dress it up or dress it down but this style is basically made for the beach or beach-adjacent summer fun.

A Day in the Waves

These trends are perfect for a classic beach day. These are more casual trends for when you want to look stylish but relaxed. Can you say laidback summer? Whether you’re heading to the beach for a much-needed ocean dip, or you’re planning on doing some tanning, here’s how to do it in style. 


If you’re looking for a trendy bathing suit, look no further than the classic cutout. This cheeky style takes your bathing suit to another level showing a bit more skin with some cutout detail. 

Pro-tip, if you’re planning on having a very active beach day (surfing or beach volleyball anyone?) you might want to go with a cutout style that has a bit more support. Depending on your size, look for swimwear pieces with adjustable straps and underwire to give you that extra bit of security and help you avoid a marine wardrobe malfunction. 

Peachy Pinks

When you picture boho chic what color palette comes to mind? Do you think of desert sands and Joshua Tree sunsets? All you have to do is check out some boho-chic influencers to see that this color palette is all about earthy, warm tones with occasional pops of color.  

Well, this season’s color palette is no exception. Dusty sunset pinks and pretty, muted peaches are popping up everywhere. This color palette is also a particularly good look for swimwear, as it’s subtle on the sand and pops against the blue of the sea. Peaches and pinks are a boho style staple and there’s a shade for everyone. 


If you’re less about practicality and more about making a statement, then this trend is for you. There’s something particularly dramatic and stand-out about an off-the-shoulder dress. It’s a classy look that automatically turns heads. It’s really one of the best ways to be the fashion-forward center of attention. 

Now, take that look and make it swimwear. The off-the-shoulder swimwear trend has picked up considerably this year and shows no sign of slowing down. Combine it with some statement earrings and a wide-brimmed floppy summer hat and you’re good to go.

Packing a Picnic

These trends are less for a beach day and more for a beach date. Maybe your S.O. has a romantic seaside picnic planned, you’re throwing a beach party, or you’ve got a casual beach barbeque on the cards. Whatever the occasion, these beachwear fashion-inspired trends are for you. 

Classic Denim

The denim shorts trend will forever be a boho staple and this summer is no different. Keep them plain and simple, or jazz up the trend with some studded detail or fringe. Denim shorts can be thrown on over a swimsuit or paired with pretty much any top for a classic, festival-inspired beachy look. 

Wow in White

If you’re embracing boho apparel, you need a flowing white cover-up. This trend comes straight from the swinging ’60s and is the most boho beach look of the lot.

The best thing about this trend is its versatility. Throw it on over a bikini after a swim in the sea and go straight to a beach party. Or pair it with some studded leather sandals and a maxi skirt for an extra-flowy hippy feel. Bonus points if this piece is sheer with lace detail and as oversized and flowy as possible. 

Fancy And Beach Formal

The sun is setting and it’s time for an evening of cocktails and seafood dinners. But what to wear? If you’re looking for more formal beachwear trends that can be dressed up for those hot summer nights, we’ve got you covered. 

Free-Spirited Floral

No boho-beach look is complete without a floral print and luckily this look never really goes out of style. This summer, wear your florals big, bold, and boho. Dress up for a nighttime summer soiree in a floral maxi dress for maximum comfort. Or, if you’re feeling bold go for a floral printed romper.

These looks go from day to night really easily. For a nighttime look, pair them with some boho-inspired jewelry (think long, layered necklaces and multiple bangles).

Head to Toe Boho

When it comes to shoes, leave your flip-flops and flat sandals for a day at the beach. A more formal boho beach look requires fancier footwear. However, just because we’re getting fancy doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable.

Boho and heels don’t quite go together unless they’re chunky. So, pair your florals with some chunky wedges or platform sandals for a beachy night out.

Boho Beachwear Fashion 2022

Boho looks never go out of style and they’re dominating the trends when it comes to 2021 beachwear fashion. Remember, these trends are all about showing off your free-spirited, natural, and carefree summer vibe. So whichever trends you go for, be sure to have fun wearing them. For more fascinating boho fashion facts, don’t forget to check out our blog!